In the final semester of the graphic design program, students are challenged to design an A1 sized poster with the subject of their choice to represent the graduating class. The posters are then put up in competition to determine the winning theme of the end of year graduation exhibition.



2020 was a theme that was heavily explored. I wanted to approach this poster with something that was 3D like and would really pop and create excitement when seen. I explored 3D forms physically and digitally. Using the simple blend mode in illustrator with gradients to create tube like shapes, the illuminated two and zero were created. Using form, contrast, shape, and balance the final posters were created.



The end solution was two posters, one with the two and the other with the zero. One poster would be in french and the other in english, thus optimizing space for information on each poster and allowing me to use larger type. The malleable tube forms represent our graduating class, and how we as a collective have been morphed and shaped into the dynamic designers that we are today.