Soma Full Game

The mandate of this project was to create a 3D interactive game based upon a typographic movement, using solely paper. The game must include a booklet on the movement and a package that contains all the items.



The given typographic movement being Swiss style, is highly based upon grids, mathematics and minimalism, the game needed to be simple yet complex. After much research about the movement and discovering overlap, it was clear that this game would have some sort of visual effect incorporating colours and transparency. Once this concept was chosen, the next step was to find a paper structure that could have this effect adapted to it. The soma cube is based entirely on math with more than 200 solutions that can all be mathematically solved.


The biggest challenge was to figure out what the content inside the pieces would be and once decided, how to create a proper 3D effect that could be experienced when the glasses are put on.



Keeping the simplicity of the Swiss style, the soma cube is entirely black with windows cut out on one side of each piece, where the player can see 3D type inside each piece. The type used is Helvetica, probably the most predominant typeface of the movement.