laka landing page

The mandate for this project was to apply our knowledge and hands on skills in three-dimensional design to create a series of packaging products. The product was to be researched and chosen to target a specific audience. We were to design a folded box container in which the series would be placed into as well as two-dimensional graphics such as labels.



After much research on a variety of products, essential oils was one product that I noticed hadn’t been paid much attention to when it comes to design. Most labels and packages for this product are pharmaceutical and have a medicinal feeling to them. Although essential oils are used for healing, I wanted to create a packaging system that was interesting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the consumer. With all this in mind, Laka essential oils were created. Laka means to heal in Swedish, which is where the name came from.


laka bottles

The biggest challenge in this project was figuring out the right kind of box to put each tiny bottle in where there would be enough space for information and illustrations and also to contain the bottle properly without it shifting. The second biggest challenge was formulating a label that would go onto the tiny bottles and remain legible.  Finding the right tones and shades of colours that all went together cohesively and complemented there given scents was the other big challenge with this project. Many color tests were done, which made it quite exciting once they all came together.



After many variations and test tries, a simple yet effective package was made. It consists of a tiny box with a little circle insert at the bottom to ensure the safe placement of the bottles. Each scent was chosen based on a few of my favourite oils that I like to use at home, and illustrations were created for each and applied onto each package.